Transducer Mount Hobie Passport Lynx SideScan developed side scan transducer mount to fit with both Garmin and Lowrance transducers. The transducer can be mounted to the base plate provided and then a formed cover is placed over the top to protect your expensive transducer. The sonar beams are able to penetrate the cover without causing interference and the transducer is placed underneath the hull so your side scan is not interfered with by the hull. We prefer to place transducers in the centre of the kayak for two main reasons. The first being it causes minimal speed differences being in the centre and tucked tight to the hull, and the second is that it doesn’t interfere with the way the kayak tracks from being to one side.

These transducer mounts fit with the following transducers

  • Lowrance 3-in-1
  • Lowrance TotalScan
  • Lowrance 3d Structure
  • Lowrance Tripleshot
  • Garmin GT/CV52
  • Garmin GT/CV54
  • Garmin GT56

Installation of this mount is simple and can be done in minutes with a Phillips head screwdriver. For more detailed instructions please click this link.

SideScan Transducer

Garmin, Lowrance 3in1 3d Strucure/Totalscan, Lowrance Triple Shot

1 review for Transducer Mount Hobie Passport Lynx SideScan

  1. Hobie Man

    Godsend for Island Adventure Owners
    We have a Hobie Island Adventure and anyone who owns knows how difficult it can be to find aftermarket accessories for them.

    Given that the Island Adventure does not come with any mounting rails, trying to mount anything becomes more complicated.

    But trying to get a stable mounting point for a fish finder and transducer, especially for larger transducers like the Lowrance 3 in 1 like I have, was not easy.

    Thank god for Berley Pro, because their transducer cover installed in minutes and fit like a glove.

    I’ve been using out fishing every weekend for the last few months and it’s still going strong.

    So I HIGHLY recommend this cover for anyone who has a larger transducer and a Hobie kayak.

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