Hobie Stand Up Paddle Boards

Not many people realize that Hobie Alter pioneered the construction of modern fibreglass/foam surfboards,  in California, way back in the 50s. These days, the Hobie Surf company brings to Australia the Hobie range of Stand up Paddle boards.

We now carry a huge range of boards for general use, flat water paddling, beginner surfing, experience surfing, flat water and surf racing. We even have inflatables that suit most purposes.

Our latest SUPs are high tech construction for high strength and low weight. Many feature the new BCX and HCX construction which utilize the strength of bamboo veneer and epoxy resin.

Having Fun the Hobie Stand Up Paddle Board Way

Mal & Trish Gray from Sunstate Hobie take Liz Cantor stand up paddleboarding to Bribie Island.