The SCUBAJET is specifically designed to be compatible with most widely-used fin boxes, making it a versatile and efficient piece of scuba gear. This product includes an easy to install US fin box adapter that is ideal for divers who are looking for a quick and easy upgrade, or replacement piece of gear. The adapter is adjustable and fits most fin boxes, including but not limited to the Cressi, Oceanic, Mares, Aqualung, and Subgear.

The SCUBAJET also includes a Slide-In attachment system, specifically for mounting SCUBAJET powered two-blade propellers. The Slide-In attachment system allows for quick and seamless mounting of the powered propellers, without compromising the stability of the scuba gear. Additionally, the system is designed for easy use and set up, as well as precise and secure attachment.

The SCUBAJET PRO FIN BOX ADAPTER US & Slide-In is the perfect piece of scuba gear for the serious diver. It is lightweight and robust, and designed for easy installation and setup. Its compatibility with most fin boxes, as well as Slide-In attachment system, make it a versatile and efficient addition to any dive kit.

Ultimately, the SCUBAJET PRO FIN BOX ADAPTER US & Slide-In is a reliable, well-crafted piece of scuba gear ideal for ensuring a safe and enjoyable dive. From its robust construction and precision design, to its versatile and efficient features, the SCUBAJET is the top choice for experienced divers.


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