LEFEET S1 PRO Single Grip Rail is the perfect tool for a variety of fitness activities. It provides a safe and secure way of executing many exercise routines with complete stability. With its ergonomic design, this rail is comfortable to hold and provides extra support to those performing exercises requiring multiple grips.

This single rail measures 73.2 inches and is constructed of ultra-thick, high-quality steel tubing for superior durability. Its silicone coating helps to protect your floors from scratches and damage. The PVC mat also helps to absorb shocks and provide a firm grip. The base is designed to be stable as it evenly distributes weight across the whole structure. As additional stability, the rail is designed with four non-slip rubber feet to prevent the rail from slipping or tipping over during use.

The LEFEET S1 PRO Single Grip Rail has many additional features to make exercising easier and more comfortable. It has a wide range of adjustable heights ranging from 21.4 inches to 39.3 inches. This rail also has an anti-slip, angled handle that is strategically placed to keep arms and wrists properly aligned. The handle is comfortable to grip with superior padding. Additionally, it has an adjustable support footrest for those longer sessions. The rail also has a side pull-up grip which allows you to focus on arms and back for additional support.

The LEFEET S1 PRO Single Grip Rail is a great tool for those who take their fitness seriously. It’s made with heavy-duty steel tubing and provides superior stability. The rail also has adjustable heights, an angled handle and an adjustable footrest for added convenience. Its non-slip silicone coating and PVC mat make it safe and secure for use. The four non-slip rubber feet provide extra stability and the side pull-up grip helps you focus on arms and back. With the LEFEET S1 PRO Single Grip Rail, you can be sure to feel comfortable and safe while you reach your fitness goals.


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