Sunstate Hobie Customers Stories

Sunstate Hobie Customer Stories about their weekend Hobie adventures with their favorite Hobie watercraft. From local Kayak Fishing Stories to paddling about Queensland waters to the Local Hobie Island club adventures.

Chasing Barramundi In Hobie Revolution 13S

Chasing Barramundi in Hobie Revolution 13s

Chasing Barramundi in Hobie Revolution 13s. We love to see what our customers are up to, thanks Wayne for the pic’s and email on his first Barra trip. This is on Hobie Revolution 13s.

Jason Milne Shark Tuna

Shark got my Mackerel

My first kayak fishing session for 2021 in the Hobie Revolution was an interesting one. It might not be ideal to share as sharks seldom help sell kayaks BUT I did pick up a nice spotty mackerel trolling dead baits after the tax man claimed your share of the Spanish

Cobia From The Yak

Cobia from the yak

First legal cobia from the yak, good vibes after an interesting day.  Mac tuna and sharks were plentiful today, no size in the tuna but that was made up for by the sharks

Kayak Fishing Pro Angler 17t

Kayak fishing, It doesn’t matter what you catch, what matters is who you are fishing with. In the Hobie Pro Angle 17 you have plenty of options….

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