The RAILBLAZA Gear Hub is a versatile and innovative product designed to enhance your outdoor adventures by providing a secure and convenient mounting platform for various equipment. Whether you’re heading out for a fishing trip, embarking on a kayak adventure, or preparing for a camping excursion, the Gear Hub offers the ideal solution for keeping your equipment organized, accessible, and secure.

Manufactured by RAILBLAZA, a renowned company known for its high-quality outdoor accessories, the Gear Hub is built to endure even the toughest conditions. Crafted from premium materials, it is durable and weather-resistant, ensuring longevity and reliability in different environments and weather conditions. Its robust construction makes it a suitable choice for any outdoor enthusiast looking to optimize their gear setup for efficiency and convenience.

The standout features include four rod holders within the interior corners, and the flexibility to attach additional RAILBLAZA Rod Tubes to the exterior sides. You won’t find yourself limited by storage constraints, no matter the size of your angling arsenal.

Customize further with integrated TracLoader and MiniPort compatible mounting tracks – two in each side, one on the lid.

Securely mount a variety of fishing essentials, from a convenient DrinkHold to an action camera, StowPod, Spooling Station, visibility flag, and more. Everything is secured under a hinging lid featuring another integrated track for extra TracLoader accessories.

Gear Hub transitions from land to water, effortlessly carrying gear to kayaks, boats, piers, beaches and river banks. Elevate your fishing game and have awesome outdoor adventures with RAILBLAZA.

The design of the RAILBLAZA Gear Hub is based on practicality and efficiency. It features a central hub with multiple attachment points, allowing users to easily mount a variety of equipment. From fishing rods, GPS devices, cameras to drink holders, everything can be securely attached to the Gear Hub and kept within easy reach. The product’s versatility can be attributed to the StarPort system, which lets users add, move or remove accessories without the need for tools.

Installation of the RAILBLAZA Gear Hub is straightforward and hassle-free. It can be easily mounted to any flat surface on your boat, kayak, or other outdoor equipment. Thanks to its compatibility with RAILBLAZA’s array of mounting options, users can customize their setup to suit their unique needs and preferences. You can install it horizontally, vertically, or even on an inclined surface, providing flexibility in usage.


  • Expand and customize with integrated TracLoader mounting tracks: Suits RAILBLAZA StowPod, MiniPort, RodStow, Drinkhold & TracLoader, and more.
  • Fits up to eight tackle boxes, such as the 3600 Plano box (not included) and additional gear
  • Features four internal rod holders with tethers
  • Hinged lid that can be propped open for easy access
  • Multiple integrated tie-down points
  • Recessed hand holds for convenient carrying
  • Rubber feet for noise reduction and enhanced slip resistance
  • Stainless steel fastenings included
  • Dimensions: 13x13x13” (330x330x330mm)
  • Lightweight, less than 6 pounds (<2.75kg)

Available for pre-order, Stock arriving early April. Price $ 139.00

Weight2.75 kg
Dimensions330 × 330 × 330 cm


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