Easy Tandem Kayak Trailer

Easy Tandem Kayak Trailer – $ 1800

Available is this great Dunbier trailer set up to carry 2 kayaks comfortably no matter the brand.

With 3 Rhino heavy duty roof bars and 3 sets of kayak cradles attached with track nuts adjusting this set-up is quick and easy and the 3 sets give extra support.

Side by side makes for easy loading and unloading of both or either kayak.

There is a spare wheel on a mount and all the tires are in good condition. There is also rod tube underneath for convenience.

If you are looking for a Tandem Kayak Trailer then look no further !! The easier it is the more you do it, this trailer will do that for you. $ 1800

Easy Tandem Kayak Trailer
Trailer Set Up To Carry 2 Kayaks Easily

Easy Tandem Kayak Trailer Easy Tandem Kayak Trailer

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