Sunstate Hobie MOVE to bigger better premises!

Sunstate Hobie MOVE

To All of you, our valued customers

We will be closed on Wednesday the 4th of August to move the shop ! Although we still have some time left in our current premises, we have had to lock in the move of our telephone and internet and this is now set for this coming Wednesday. This means we will lose the phone for a few hours and the computer too. It also means we have to move as we cannot operate in the old shop with the computers in the new shop !!

Although this will be an inconvenience for a few days, the move is to better premises with easier access for you, more product on display, better range and better workshop for service !

The Sunstate Hobie MOVE is only 2 km’s down the road to Unit 2, 525 Lytton Road, Morningside. We have been trading as Sunstate Hobie but the business name is Sunstate Watersports and  the new Signage will be Sunstate Watersports to include the large range of “non” Hobie product that we now carry. We are still the “Home of Hobie” in Queensland !

When I took over the business 3 years ago it was the right thing to keep the business where it was and to continue trading as Sunstate Hobie. Since then Hobie have discontinued their paddle kayaks so we now import the FishYak range, a great range of paddle kayaks at less than half the price. We have access to the full range of Old Town kayaks and Canoe’s. Demand has also grown for accessories like RailBlaza, FPV, BerleyPro, Humminbird, Minn Kota. We have a new range of powerful, IP67 bluetooth Speakers that float …. the list goes on. We have out-grown the space and also the limitations of the name Sunstate Hobie.

A big Thank you to Mal and Trish Gray for building the name and a great brand over 27 years !

A name change is NOT an easy one and especially when the name has so much history. This has not been an easy decision but is one that has had to happen for more reasons than I can explain. I hope you will all embrace the change and continue to support us, after all, my business, my passion exists to serve you and your passions!

There is still a lot to be done but we will be aiming to make the transition as streamlined as possible with as little interruption to our daily  operations.

Thank you for your understanding ! We will have an official opening toward the end of August and will let you all know a date !

Sunstate Watersports Rear Showroom Sunstate Hobie Move Sunstate Watersports Rear Showroom

Sunstate Watersports Logo Sunstate Watersports Logo Sunstate Watersports Logo

Sunstate Hobie MOVE, 4th August ! Closed for the day and some disruptions that week !!

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