Hobie T2

The T2 is the benchmark boat for performance rotomolded sailing. With its two-layer rotomolded polyethylene hulls, the T2 is the ideal boat to sail with the family, among friends, or in clubs.

With plenty of buoyancy, it is the benchmark boat for school sailing and safe family leisure. This new generation of Hobie Cat with its innovative design allows fun sailing with a high-performance sensation.

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Hobie T2

Call it a Hobie fusion: a combination of the durability and simplicity of a recreational plastic catamaran with the high performance and agility of fiberglass that will appeal to performance and recreational sailors alike.

The result? Two-layer, rotomolded polyethylene piercing hulls, a tall mast, and a high aspect square-top mainsail all combine to quickly get lift out of the water, providing that rush of flying a hull. The piercing shape of the hull also decreases the chance of pitch poling. Hobie’s first double trapeze on a rotomolded catamaran lets sailors further take advantage of the boat’s power.

Molded-in bow and stern handles make the T2 Hobie’s easiest boat to move around. Hobie 16-style rigging means quick set up and proven reliability. These types of user-friendly features ensure that the T2 will be part of sailing schools and club programs internationally.

Hobie T2


  • Crew: 3-4
  • Length: 16′ / 4.90 m
  • Beam: 8′ / 2.43 m
  • Capacity: 900 lbs/408 kg (US) / 529 lbs/240 kg (EU)
  • Weight: 388 lbs / 176 kg
  • Draft w/ Rudder Up: 10″ / .25 m
  • Mast Length: 24′ 7.3″ / 7.5 m
  • Sail Area: 172 ft² / 16 m²
  • Hull Construction: Rotomolded Polyethylene


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