SCUBAJET Pro HD Battery 400 Wh is the perfect companion for underwater adventurers. Engineered with world-class engineering and ultra-durable construction, this advanced battery is up to any challenge. With an impressive 400 Watt Hours of energy, the Pro HD provides up to 8 hours of continuous power to your SCUBAJET motor, giving you the power to explore deeper and further than ever before.

The design of the SCUBAJET Pro HD is both sleek and durable. It is crafted from sturdy marine-grade aluminum and is splash resistant, ensuring you have a reliable source of power regardless of the conditions. Additionally, the battery features a convenient LED display that allows you to easily check how much charge you have left. For added convenience, the battery is also equipped with an intuitively designed handle, allowing for easy transport in and out of the water.

The SCUBAJET Pro HD Battery 400 Wh also features a range of advanced safety features. Each battery is equipped with triple-layer protection which includes a temperature management system, ensuring the battery doesn’t become too hot during extended use. Additionally, the battery is equipped with an over-current protection system and a short-circuit protection system, which provide additional safety and security against any unexpected power surges.

The SCUBAJET Pro HD Battery 400 Wh is also compatible with a range of accessories, allowing you to customize your underwater experience. It is compatible with a range of SCUBAJET motors and accessories, so you can find the perfect combination to suit your needs. Additionally, the battery is compatible with a range of other devices such as cameras and lights, allowing you to capture your underwater adventures in amazing detail.

Overall, the SCUBAJET Pro HD Battery 400 Wh is a powerful and reliable source of power for anyone looking to explore the underwater depths. With its impressive 400 Watt Hours of energy and advanced safety features, it is sure to provide you with all the power you need for an unforgettable adventure.


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