The SCUBAJET Pro Charging Pod is an effective and efficient way to power up and store your SCUBJET Hybrid Propulsion System. This charging pod features a rechargeable lithium polymer battery, a charger, and a rubber latch with a zip pocket for the charging cable. The charging pod provides an easy way to store and transport your SCUBAJET Pro, ensuring that the propulsion system remains in excellent condition when not in use.

The SCUBAJET Pro Charging Pod is designed with a sleek and modern gray color. Made from a durable plastic material, it is light weight yet sturdy for long-term use. The integrated rubber latch provides a secure closure, keeping the charging cable safe and protected. The zip pocket on the front of the charging pod is ideal for storing smaller items like keys and money.

The internal rechargeable lithium polymer battery is capable of providing up to 6 hours of power to your SCUBAJET Pro. The included charger is equipped with a removable AC power cord and USB power port, allowing for convenient charging of the battery. The charger has a LED indicator light to show the charging status of the battery, ensuring a successful and complete charge.

The SCUBAJET Pro Charging Pod is a must-have accessory for any diving enthusiast. This pod makes it easy to transport and store your SCUBAJET Pro in between dives. The rechargeable lithium polymer battery supplies reliable power for up to 6 hours, providing plenty of power for a full day of diving. The charger has a LED indicator light to ensure proper charging, and the integrated rubber latch ensures the charging cable and smaller items are safe and secure at all times.

The SCUBAJET Pro Charging Pod is the perfect companion for any SCUBAJET Pro. This charging pod is highly efficient, allowing you to store and power up your propulsion system with ease. With long-lasting battery life and durable construction, this charging pod is an excellent choice for both beginner and experienced divers. Get the SCUBAJET Pro Charging Pod today and experience long-lasting power for your SCUBAJET Pro.


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