Jason Milne Shark Tuna

Shark got my Mackerel

My first kayak fishing session for 2021 in the Hobie Revolution was an interesting one. It might not be ideal to share as sharks seldom help sell kayaks BUT I did pick up a nice spotty mackerel trolling dead baits after the taxman claimed your share of the Spanish! We did 20km this session launching from Noosa main beach out to Sunshine, wide zig-zagging trolling then home with a bit of wind to contend with.

I still felt relatively fresh back at the beach, could not say the same had I spent 20km paddling the same trip!

Thanks, Jason Milne “the Paddle Guy” for the footage and little report!

When I watched this 2 thins came to mind!

1: That was a big Mackerel that caught a little fish (the lure) then got taken by an even “bigger” fish!

2: A 20km trip and through it all there was no time that Jason looked in danger, he was totally comfortable in the Hobie.

Before you try this make sure you know your craft and your own ability!


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