New kayak covers in Stock

New kayak covers in Stock.

We are always working on getting the best products to our customers at the best price.  Kayak Covers have been a hard one, the Hobie covers are great but they are expensive! Rather than try to re-invent the wheel we have decided to team up with Scott at SLH. We have been working with him on our paddle kayak brand and gone with the same YakFish kayaks to build the brand and increase our buying power together. It made sense to do the came with the covers.

We have in stock both the Lovig  12′-14′ Kayak Deck cover and the new Lovig Pro Angler Deck  cover.

These have already been selling well just with customers walking in the door.

Priced at $ 99 and $139 they are great value for money.

They can be left on for travelling and the straps wrap around the cover for extra strength.

The kayak deck cover has been designed to fit a variety of sized kayaks in the 12- 14′ length, Hobie Compass, Compass Duo, Outback (old and new version), Outfitter, Odyssey, Kona, Revolution 13, Pro Angler 12. It will fit ANY kayak similar to these mentioned models.. In other words, there’s not many kayaks this won’t fit. It has an internal compression system to reduce length at the stern if required and the elasticized sleeve helps to ensure a snug fit from bow to stern & port to starboard.

The PA Deck Cover is designed to protect your Hobie Pro Angler 14 from the elements in storage and transport. This is the newest version of the PA14 deck cover, offering a tidier fit, more UV and tear resistant fabric wit Heavier duty PU coated nylon. It has a padded bow section, front handle access and a storage bag.

Pro Angler Kayak Cover New Kayak Covers In Stock Pro Angler Kayak Cover Pro Angler Kayak Cover

New kayak covers in Stock.

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