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Loading the new Hobie Lynx

Loading the new Hobie Lynx

Loading the new Hobie Lynx

As most of you are aware, I got one of the New Hobie Lynx kayaks in last week to test before the stock arrived in the country.

I got out on the water twice over the weekend during lockdown (no fishing allowed so just exercising)

I have put together a very short clip showing how easy it is to load. I’m loading onto a Toyota Prado so it is a fairly high vehicle and I am 52 years old and a light build. I have also included removing the rudder system and seat to show you how they come off in seconds.

For those who do not do social media, there is also the clip of the Lynx on the water that I posted on FB and Instagram. I had my kids and 2 dogs and we had a blast !

At only 20 kgs the Lynx has got to be one of the easiest kayaks to load. It is super stable, quick and nimble and I believe it is going to be a winner !

From the “Grey nomad” wanting to car top a kayak with a caravan behind concerned about weight to the avid fishing enthusiast, the interest has be amazing and orders have been flying in.

Loading the new Hobie Lynx

On the Water on the Hobie Lynx

Loading the new Hobie Lynx


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