Lake Cootharaba Cat Challenge Wrap Up

Chris and I competed on the Hobie® Wildcat in the Lake Cootharaba Cat Challenge last weekend. We raced in the fastest yardstick division, against mostly A-Class catamarans  (a few of them foiling) and a handful of other spinnaker boats. The northeast seabreeze conditions were nearly perfect for catamaran racing. We had the Wildcat humming along. The crew work was better than usual, with things mostly happening as they should. We were amongst the first few finishers in each race and very happy to finish third overall. This boat is wicked fun to sail. It does take a while to rig and the loads are pretty hefty, but the dividends are paid in full on the water. It handles our (generous) crew weight easily and is still quite quick in light air. It is the perfect boat for a couple of blokes. I love to hear my 24yr old offspring whinging about being too puffed to do another four lap race!

If you are looking for a boat to race with a mate or your son ( for serious fun), give the Hobie Wildcat some thought. The one that Chris and I used at the recent Worlds in Netherlands is for sale for a decent saving. (Rigging and sailing lessons supplied free of charge).

Have a Hobie week


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