Kayak Fishing Buyer’s Guide

Kayak Fishing Buyer’s Guide

Hobie build over 20 different models of fishing kayaks and there’s good reason for the vast range of models. At first glance, choosing just one could seem complicated but it’s not really, it’s a mater of finding the perfect fishing kayak to suit your needs. 

Every Hobie kayak is different and there is no one boat fits everyone. The right fishing kayak for you depends manly on two things: your body size and shape and the use you plan to put the kayak to0.

Every Hobie kayak comes ready to go kayak fishing straight from the factory, but some have more fishing features than others.

The current fleet offers deck plans with space to mount rod holders and electronics, hatches big enough to stash extra tackle, and spacious above-deck cargo areas in the stern, the ideal place for an H-Crate storage system or Hobie Livewell.

Kayak Fishing Buyer'S Guide


Bigger people need bigger kayaks. Whether you’re tall or a bit husky, make sure to sit in the cockpit of any Fishing Kayak you’re considering. Try out the different Vantage seats. All are comfortable, with industry-leading adjustability. The ST and XT seats that outfit the Pro Angler series are larger and taller.

Check the kayak’s capacity. Take your weight, estimate your gear load, and add in a few kilo’s for the fish you’ll catch. It’ll help you decide whether a Mirage Outback (400-pound capacity) or a larger Mirage Pro Angler 14 (600-pound capacity) is a better choice.

A smaller person will fit in just about any kayak. A big boat can still be a mismatch. In this case it can be too much of a good thing.

Kayak Fishing Buyer'S Guide


There are compact boats, deliberately built short. Others are long and slender, or somewhere in between. Hobie’s flagship models feature the MirageDrive 180, an elegantly engineered and time-tested pedal drive that offers a slew of advantages such as the ability to access shallow water. We also have kayaks you paddle. Let’s not forget the inflatables, and the magnificent Mirage Adventure Island, a trimaran with a sail that work in conjunction with the MirageDrive.

A long, 13- to 16-foot kayak such as the Mirage Revolution 16 is at home on the ocean or a large lake, where its length will help it glide over swells and chop and keep a steady course. The same boat will have a harder time of handling the sharp turns of a narrow, twisting river backwater. It’s a good idea to match your Hobie fishing kayak to your intended use.

In general, shorter kayaks such as the Mirage Sport are easier to turn and pivot but aren’t as efficient for covering long distances. Longer boats such as the Mirage Revolution 13 hold a straighter course. Wider boats such as the Pro Anglers feel stable and support more weight, and are generally preferable for kayak fishing. Our narrower boats glide with less effort.

Kayak Fishing Buyer'S Guide

Sunstate Hobie

If your in Brisbane and want to find the perfect fishing kayak for you. Come visit the experts at Sunstate Hobie in their Rivergate Showroom. They carry the full range of Hobie Fishing Kayaks and can help you find the perfect kayak for you. 

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