It’s heating up! Time to hit the water…

With 30 degree days becoming a regular event, now is the time to take to the water and cool down. Jump on or into your Hobie®, slap on some sunscreen and enjoy. Make a stop or two along the way, kick back waterside using your vantage seat as a beach chair and have a drinks break or some morning tea. Doesn’t get much better than that!

Now is a good time to remind everyone to be conscious of the heat and its effect it has on you. Stay hydrated; take an extra bottle (or two) and sip regularly. Stay protected; wear UV protected clothing, wide brim hats and/or buffs. Stay sun smart; apply sunscreen before you head out and regularly apply throughout the day. If you are planning to be out all day, plan a stop where you can sit in a shaded area and have a bite to eat. These things will ensure you do not fall victim to dehydration, heat stroke, nasty sunburn or nauseous feelings.

Stay safe out there


On behalf of the team at Sunstate Hobie

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