Humminbird Mega 360 on a Hobie Pro Angler

Humminbird Mega 360 on a Hobie Pro Angler

Humminbird Mega 360 on a Hobie Pro Angler. We have done a few neat fit-outs over the past few years but this one is great. The Humminbird Mega 360 Transducer with a Humminbird Helix 10 MSI on a Hobie Pro Angler 14.

I’ve seen the 360 transducers out at Tangalooma and it is amazing. Every detail, in every direction, now for every boat. The MEGA 360 Imaging – Universal transducer brings 360-degree, detail-rich views, with the flexibility to mount anywhere on your boat.

Check out our simple but very effective fit-out using a Hobie H-Rail Starport HD and the Railblaza Railmount on the Humminbird Mega 360.  The 360 Transducer can be kept comfortably out of the water then rotated in when needed. The depth in the water can also easily be set. With the Helix 10″ MSI (Mega Side Imaging) and a Splitter cable, we have the ability to switch between 360, Downscan, sonar and Side imaging !! The Pro Angler is the perfect kayak for the set-up with plenty of space and the Hobie H-Rails making set-up easy.


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