How do you use your Railblaza products

How do you use your Railblaza products ?

How do you use your Railblaza products?

Here are 2 ways I have used them to solve problems. I have always been a big dog person but a few years ago, with the changes in our lives and young kids we ended up with 2 small dogs. The one is a miniature dachshund which is not much use for anything other than ……….. ok, she is not much use at all !!

We enjoy our family bike rides so I was faced with a problem, how do we take the Dachshund along because she certainly cannot run! We tried a few online purchases like dog carry bags, shopping baskets, etc but none worked. Railblaza’s line is “Hold everything” so I decided to try.

I was going to use the Hobie H-Crate but opted for the 2018 OB front hatch liner as it has softer lines!

This is my solution and it really works, the dog is extremely comfortable and my wife is happy!

Railblaza certainly does “hold everything”

My second “non-marine” use of a Railblaza product was on my son’s bed. He likes the top bunk bed but this leaves him without anywhere to store anything once up in his bed. The Stow Pod was a perfect solution holding his glass of water and a few extras! I will be changing the Starport to the E Series USB Port so he can run a USB light or charge a phone.


How Do You Use Your Railblaza Products ? How Do You Use Your Railblaza Products ?

Parts Used:

1 x 72020041 Hobie Hatch Liner

2 x 03-4011-21 Railmount 19 – 25mm

1 x 02-4056-11 Dive and Gas Bottle holder

1 x 02-4052-11 Gunhold

3 x 03-4144-11 Adjustable Extender R-Lock

1 x 03-4101-11 Fixed Extender

1 x 03-4087-11 Quickport


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