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Hobie stock through Covid

Hobie stock through Covid.

Covid has had an effect on all of us in some way or another ! At Sunstate Hobie we still have stock and just received some more Hobie Outback’s but there are going to be some shortages and after today there will be more ! We had a great mix going out today with a Paddle kayak, a Pro Angler, A Pro Angler 360, A Tandem Island and a Hobie 16 all getting collected today !

Sean has been waiting a while for his new PA 12 360 and has a great package including Lowrance Elite TI2 and BerleyPro Orb while Gordon went for a new Run-out 2018 PA12.

The Tandem Island and the Hobie 16 were 2nd Hand but the TI was a great start for Andrew and Bill upgraded from an older Hobie 16.

We move a lot of kayaks and cat’s for customers but with Covid they are scarce. If you are looking to upgrade, trade or just move on give us a call !

Hobie 16 from rear Hobie 16 on trailer Hobie 16 on trailer in front of Sunstate Hobie   Tandem Island on Toyota Prado Tandem Island on Toyota Prado Tandem Island on Toyota Prado  Hobie PA 12 360 on a car Hobie PA 12 360 on a car

Hobie stock through Covid will continue to get worse before it gets better so if you are looking, I suggest you  ACT !

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