Hobie H-Crate Storage Systems

H-Rail is a durable, lightweight, patent pending mounting system for quickly securing a complete line of H-Rail accessories. Easily attach, move or remove mounts and accessories quickly. The 12-Sided rails allow rotation at 30 degree increments and will hold when your H-Rail accessory is clamped in place. Get your FishFinder, Rod Holders, Tackle Buckets and more… right where you want them… then easily slide them out of the way!

Update older model Pro Angler 12 and 14s to the H-Rail system.
Fits 2014 and some 2013 Pro Anglers. Other models may require some modification to steering crank (Note four screws in deck area near left steering handle indicates need for modifications). Kits include everything needed: Rails, mounts, attachment hardware and instructions. Instructional video also online.

Hobie H Crate Storage Systems
H Crate Upgrades add 0n kits

Hobie H-Crate Upgrade and Add on kits


Vinyl cover with a zipper opening. Keeps gear drier and out of UV.
Keeps gear in the crate from
falling out in a capsize. Tested to extremes… the cover holds in place under heavy load even if inverted or tumbled. Easy to install using provided panel rivets. Double zipper is nylon, not corrosive and functions very smoothly


You can mount many additional rod holders to the grid walls.

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