FPV POWER Kayak Batteries

The FPV Power range of lightweight compact 12V Lithium Ion kayak batteries are specially designed to power all electronics onboard a fishing kayak. The main advantages of Li-Ion over Pb (lead acid) batteries is their compact size, light weight (roughly weighing 1/6th of a lead acid in the same capacity) and their ability to be drained down to close to 0% without affecting overall battery life and longevity. Standard lead acids will start to deteriorate when discharged below 50%. This means that a 10Ah Lithium is roughly equivalent to a 20Ah Lead Acid! 

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All low draw 12V devices such as fishfinders and lights are compatible with our battery packs as well as USB powered items such as phones and cameras through the use of a voltage step down adaptor which we also provide. Despite being designed primarily for kayak use, our battery packs are ideal for use as a portable power source when 4 wheel driving, camping, hunting and most other outdoor activities. We also build larger packs (40Ah+) for powering electric trolling motors and other high draw applications. 


I was given one of these batteries by Sunstate Hobie to test on my Hobie Tandem Island. I was running a very big and heavy Gel Cel to power my 7 inch lowrance and my Camera. Firstly the difference in the weight of the battery astounded me being about 70% lighter than the old battery. Once hooked up which is very easy with their connectors, I then ran the battery with all electrics running. 2 and half days later it was still going where as my old battery was lucky to last 8 hours. Amazing results.
Alistair Kelsall Hobie Island Club
Alistair Kelsall
Hobie Island Captain
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FPV POWER Kayak Batteries are available from Sunstate Hobie.

Sunstate Hobie carry the entire range of FPV Power products. Available in our Brisbane showroom or you can order on line. 

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