Pro Angler 14 360

Hobie® Mirage® Compass – Make it your own

With the recent release of the Mirage Compass, Hobie have embodied all the great features of their existing range and merged them into one. While not quite an Outback or Revolution, a Pro Angler-esque rudder design, a seat very similar to the Vantage CT and hull weighing lighter than a Revolution 13 – it is a hybrid aimed at being cost-effective and feature-packed. While many will happily enjoy the kayak in its stock form, Hobie have released videos showing some very nice ‘add-ons’ to make the Compass your own.

Want a rectangular hatch as seen in the Pro Angler series? Tick!

Want more cockpit storage? Tick!

Want to have even more storage in the bow? Tick!

Want to install a fishfinder? Tick!

Want comfort padding that will also reduce deck noise? Tick! (See any video above)

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