Hobie Fishing Kayaks Catch Fish

Hobie fishing kayaks are designed by fishos for fishos. Sure you can pimp them up and turn them into mini gameboats or tournament weapons, but even the standard Hobie fishing kayak only needs a rod and some lures or bait to make it into an impressive fishing boat. The stealth aspect of paddling, or better still pedalling (with your hands free for fishing) combined with a comfortable, stable seating position, gets you closer to the fish. The impressive range of Hobie fishing accessories helps to make great fishing boats even better.

Hobie Mirage Kayaks were designed for the dedicated fisherman. True hands-free propulsion allows the fisho to keep control of the rod at all times. No more putting down the paddle to pick up the rod or putting down the rod to pick up the paddle. The mirage fisho can fish and move at once. This means that the fisho can:

  • Troll more than one line and keep them from tangling.
  • Lead a fish away from a snag.
  • Re-rig/ bait up while moving to another spot.

If you love paddling occasionally, the drive system can easily be removed and replaced with a plug. The kayak then becomes a regular paddle craft.

The  Hobie Mirage Pro Angler 14 has causing quite a stir amongst the fishing fraternity. Is it a kayak or is it a boat? However you categorise it, the Pro Angler is an awesome fishing platform. Fish be warned: the Hobie Mirage Pro Angler 14 excels at helping anglers land prizes of every fin, stripe and colour. Whether it's a day of drift casting, dry flying, or exploring new saltwater haunts, the boat's super-stable, standing-friendly, rotomolded polyethylene hull encourages all styles of fishing. The Pro Angler 14's feature-laden deck packs the essentials—from an easy-to-reach cutting board, to the fully adjustable Vantage Seat, to stowage for multiple Plano® tackle boxes—for years of blissful fishing.

The new Pro Angler 12 will feature new innovations in a smaller, lighter, more maneageable package. New removeable, adjustable seat, Lowrance-ready facility and improved hatches, promise to deliver a new level of function for the hard-core fisherman.

The  Hobie Mirage Outback is arguably the World's best fishing kayak. Easily propelled by leg action, the Mirage Outback glides silently along with minimal effort. Speeds in excess of 6 knots are attainable. 2-3 kts is easily sustainable- all of this while you keep your hands free to do what you are there for- to hold the rod and catch fish!The unique pedal drive system allows you to troll multiple lines without fear of tangling when the big one strikes! By simply slow pedaling as you wind in, the other baits/lures  can be left out for the chance of a double hook-up. When you stop pedaling, the rate of drift is controllable, without having to put down the rod and chance losing tension on the line and therefore the fish.Some of the features include:

The Hobie Mirage Sport is a mini version of the Outback. Although a little smaller, it has plenty of buoyancy for a fisho and his/her gear. It is a little lighter and easier to handle off the water than the Outback. The Sport has adjustable seat position to accommodate the littlies. It also features the incredible Mirage foot-powered propulsion system and many features of its older brother, the Outback. Carries well, stacked with an Outback for the perfect fishing couple's getaways.

The Hobie Mirage Revolution 13 and 11 are really revolutionary! They have all the advantages of Mirage hands-free fishing whilst being a fast paddle/pedal kayak. Moulded-in rod holders, mesh pockets big hatches and of course the signature high-backed Hobie backrest make thes allrounders a great fishing platform in calm or bumpy water. Their sleek lines allow them to glide through rough water with a minimum of resistance, meaning more km for your kick.

The Hobie Mirage Adventure is the racehorse of the Kayak fishing fleet. At 16ft in length it is fast and very stable. Its streamlined shape allows the Adventure to slice through choppy water with a minimum of resistance. Combining the beauty of hands-free operation with many of the successful features of previous models, the Adventure surely is the pinnacle of open water fishing. Enormous storage areas and three hatches, as well as cockpit mesh pockets, provide plenty of spaces to put the gear you need for fishing. Fitted with the optional dagger board, the Adventure is a very fast sailing kayak that handles like a real sailing boat.

The Hobie Mirage Outfitter is just what many couples have been looking for. In a relatively compact package, the Outfitter has space and stability for two people to potter about and concentrate on the serious tasks of wetting a line or lazing about. It is easily carried on roof racks or camper trailers and is much easier to use than the traditional tinny and outboard whilst affording some modest exercise. Clever outfitter fisherfolk have been known to install the front mirage drive backwards to enable reversing in tight spots. Don't be misled by its generous proportions, as the Outfitter is capable of a surprising turn of speed. Four molded-in rod holders along with mesh pockets and conveniently located hatches, make the Outfitter the obvious choice for two-up fishing.

The Hobie Mirage Oasis has been designed for all round use, as well as tournament fishing. A couple of molded-in rod holders and more importantly, facility to carry a Hobie livewell, teamed with a sleek buoyant hull, make the Oasis a viable choice for the keen fisho.

The Hobie Mirage Adventure Island and Adventure Island Tandem really are the Hybrids of the Hobie range. They really can be pedalled, paddled or sailed and they do each of these things well. With extraordinary stability, ease of set-up and a great turn of speed, the Adventure Island series is becoming popular with the offshore fishing brigade. These versatile craft have been known to turn hardened fishermen into thrill-seeking yachties!

The  Hobie Quest 13 and Quest 11 are the answer for the dedicated paddler who likes to fish the big water. At 13ft and 11ft  in length, these streamlined beauties are  a delight to paddle. Molded-in rod holders, bulk storage and high-backed seat, make the Quest a comfortable fishing platform. The optional foot-controlled rudder allows the fisho to control direction of drift and even to turn and follow fish which could otherwise threaten to capsize him sideways. Molded-in rod holders positioned for trolling and optional fwd mounted swiveling rod holder is a great place to put the rod when re-rigging or handling that big one.  If you like to get some exercise while you take your chance at hooking a big one, the Quest is for you.