Hobie Bravo, small, light, maneuverable and fun

We had a request from a customer for a Hobie Bravo, small, light, maneuverable and fun. They wanted to to fit in an apartment garage, limited space but the fun of a Catamaran.

Our challenge was to provide the Hobie Cat on a small enough, cost effective trailer. We started out with a Seatrail trailer which was very affordable and modified that with some carpeted crossbars and a front mast support. The result was a great an we have another happy customer who has already been enjoying the Bay!

The Hobie Bravo is ideal for sailors of all skill levels. Stable and safe for the total novice yet plenty entertaining for a seasoned multi-huller on a storm-tossed day.

The Hobie Bravo provides the perfect sailing platform. Its rugged, rotomolded polyethylene hull encourages picnic outings to inviting beaches and removes all docking anxieties, irrespective of wind speed. The Bravo’s generously cut, square-top mainsail efficiently captures zephyrs while automatically twisting off when puffs hit, helping to keep the boat flat. The efficient A-frame mast is easy to step, and the boomless, roller-furling, multicolored Dacron mainsail makes reefing easy and allows for consequence-free gybes.

Sailing in winter in Qld is still a great escape from the city, the traffic and the crowds ! The water is very pleasant, especially in the bay and with a little bit of the correct clothing, you can reduce the wind chill. If you think it is cold out there at the moment….. catch a wake up ! There are people who have to sail in Dry suites and thermal underwear even in summer.

We have the best climate here in Qld, we just need to remember that and be grateful

If you want to learn to sail on something and easy, try the Hobie Bravo, small, light, maneuverable and fun !


Hobie Bravo On The WaterHobie Bravo On A BeachHobie Bravo On Trailer In Front Of Sunstate HobieNose View Of A Hobie On A TrailerRear View Of Hobie Bravo On A TrailerFront Of A Catamaran On TrailerHobie Bravo On Trailer

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