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Hobie 16 Worlds Masters Aussies Win

Hobie 16 Worlds Masters International Cup Report

Race Report from HobieWorlds.com

Masters International Cup

Aussies take top 4 places in the Hobie 16 Worlds  Masters International Cup. Courtesy of Hobie16worlds.com


Day One

Race 1

The first race of the Hobie 16 Masters, which is a four-day series, started in 7-9 knots at 55-70 degrees with a course set at 1GO at 0.8 of a nautical mile.

There were 3 boats that had a sailing infringement at the start and were scored UFD. One boat started outside the time limit.

Not long after the start the breeze eased. The Race Committee changed the course by shortening the course down to 0.45 of a nautical mile.

With the breeze slowly dropping further 32 boats finished at the committee boat. The remainder were finished at the windward mark.

The sailors headed back to the beach and the wind virtually many were towed to shore where they were finally able to enjoy a cold drink at Sunset Beach, at South Seas Island Resort.

1. Phil Epps Australia


Race 2

After a long wait at around 3pm the flag went down on the beach as the breeze began to pick up out on the water and the 56 boat fleet headed out to signals in a freshening 5-6 knot breeze.
The course was set at 1GO with a 7-8kt breeze at the top mark which was set at .78 of a nautical mile.
There was a general recall at the first attempt at a start. On the second attempt the fleet got away cleanly.

Day 2

Race 4

20 knots easing during the race
2GO wind 55 degrees

Race 5
15 knots
Course 6GO wind 70 degrees

Race 6
12 knots
Course 2GO wind 70 degrees
First boat was UFD
 Second boat was UFD 
First boat across the line was a Stefan Rumpf from Germany. The first non- Australian to win a race in these championships. 

UFD means the boats stated early when the U flag has been displayed.

Race 7

Wind 12 knots sailors double all around the course.

Course 6GO finishing near the beach. Giving the spectators a great view of the finish.

Race 8

Captiva Island certainly turned on the perfect Hobie weather today. 5 races all in double traipsing conditions

The last race of the day was a steady  15 knots of breeze.

A course 6GO finishing at the windward mark just off Sunset Beach.

 Tired sailors but all enjoyed the great sailing conditions.


Pl Name Country 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Total Points Net Points
1  Darren SMITH  Claire BISGOOD AUS 4 5 4 1 1 6 8 (12) 41 29
2  Peter BATES  Juliet BATES AUS 11 (27) 3 3 3 3 7 2 59 32
3  Michael BUTLER  Patrick BUTLER AUS 2 4 6 4 7 (55) UFD 17 1 96 41
4  Rod WATERHOUSE  Kerry WATERHOUSE AUS 5 2 1 12 10 (55) UFD 5 7 97

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