Hobie 16 Capsize

A little flashback from a few years ago ! There is nothing like flying a hull on a Hobie 16 and the thrill of keeping it up as high as possible for as long as possible. It is only beaten by the thrill of pulling hard on the tiller and burying the nose and going around the front in a BIG pitchpole !! If you have not had a  Hobie 16 Capsize, you have not lived !

I took our neighbors out for a sail and as there were a few of them we took out the powerboat so we could change crew on the water.

My wife was driving the boat quite close with all the spectators and when she saw me signal her secretly she knew I was planning something. She got my crew’s wife ready with the camera. Mike, my crew, was not expecting anything ! He though it was an accident until he swam back to help right the Hobie and saw the smile on my face !!

Obviously when Brendon got on the boat he knew I would do it again, he just did not know when ! His flight was a little more spectacular so I had to go over in style !

This weekend I am delivering a new Hobie Getaway to a customer and have to do some sailing lessons.

I recon a capsize is an essential part of any sailing lesson !!

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