Dolphins and the Hobie Adventure Island

Dolphins and the Hobie Adventure Island

This is a short clip from last weekend at Bribie Island. I took a 2nd hand Adventure Island, that we have for sale, out for a test run. With the Covid shortage I ended up selling my shop demo Tandem Island so the AI was it!

Every time I use the AI or TI I am reminded what a great product they are. My son, the dog and I got to enjoy about 30mins of dolphins swimming around us. How great to be able to let my son jump off and hang on behind. With his swimming goggles on he spent most of his time with his head under water watching the dolphins, including a baby, swimming around us !!

Coming soon : The Adventure Island as a fishing platform. 4 Hobie Islanders return from A VERY SUCCESSFUL trip to 1770. Paul O’Leary and Derick Kennedy will be sharing their footage.

No matter how you enjoy your Hobie Island its about getting out and enjoying LIFE !

Here are some good examples from our customers !!

Hobie Adventure Island going out through the surf

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