FPV Power Kayak Batteries

FPV Power kayak batteries. our range of lightweight compact 12V Lithium-Ion kayak batteries are specially designed to power all electronics onboard a fishing kayak. The main advantages of Li-Ion over Pb (lead acid) batteries is their compact size, lightweight (roughly weighing 1/6th of a lead-acid in the same capacity) and their ability to be drained down to close to 0% without affecting overall battery life and longevity. Standard lead acids will start to deteriorate when discharged below 50%. This means that a 10Ah Lithium is roughly equivalent to a 20Ah Lead Acid! Li-Ions also don’t create any memory and can be topped up regardless of their current charge level. Lithium batteries also hold their voltage much higher throughout their discharge cycle than lead acids and have a much higher cycle life.

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