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FPV-POWER Pro Charger

The Pro Charger is an all in one charger that can charge all types of batteries including Lithiums and Lead Acid. It can be powered from a 240V or a 12 V powersource which makes it great for camping or extended fishing trips.

$75.00 Inc GST
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FPV-POWER 5V 1-2A Dual USB Port

The FPV-POWER 5V 2A Dual USB Port Charger comes with plenty of lead for ease of installation and access. It is compatible with our whole range of batteries.

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FPV-POWER 2A Standard Wall Charger

The FPV-POWER 2A Standard Wall Charger is the same charger that comes supplied with our battery combos. Purchase as spare or replacement.

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FPV-Power 50Ah Battery and Charger Combo

Power your electric motor with our FPV-POWER Lithium Ion Polymer Battery packs! Our batteries weigh about 1/5th of the weight of a comparable Lead Acid and are physically much smaller! Our battery packs are designed with safety as our number one priority and come in a waterproof hard case. We have also included a Battery Management System (BMS) which will auto cut off the power if there is an external short and will also protect the battery from over discharge when in use and overcharge when charging.  Comes terminated with an Anderson plug and a spare one is supplied for you to connect to your motor leads.


Voltage: 12V
Capacity: 50,000 mAh
Amp Draw: 60A Max
Cycles: 400-800
Dimensions: 170x140x95mm
Weight: 3.2kg
Case: Waterproof hard case 
Battery Management System: Built-in short circuit protection with charging and discharging safety cutoff.
Charger: 10A wall charger

$599.00 Inc GST
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FPV-Power 7Ah Kayak Battery and Charger

The FPV-POWER 7Ah battery is perfect for fisherman running fishfinders like the Lowrance Hook 4 or the Garmin Striker 4. At full brightness, you can expect 18-20 hours of use! These batteries are also great for running other low draw electronics such as lights and can also be rigged up to charge phones and cameras!

$129.00 Inc GST
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FPV-Power 17.5Ah Kayak Battery and Charger

The FPV-POWER 17.5Ah battery suits kayak fisherman who run larger fishfinders/GPS which typically draw more than 1A. If drawing 1A, you can expect around 17 hours of use but you may need a voltage regulator as some fish-finders need a minimum of 11V to run.

$239.00 Inc GST
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