22nd Hobie 16 Worlds 2019

22nd Hobie 16 Worlds 2019

The 2019 Hobie 16 World Championship regatta on Captiva Island in Florida, will be the first time the Worlds has been contested in the USA in 35 years.

Having started in 1976 in Honolulu, Hawaii the Worlds appeared in the United States for the next two regattas before making it’s first appearance outside of the USA. Papeete in Tahiti hosted the first Worlds in international waters in 1982. The world championship returned to America in 1984 at Fort Walton Beach in Florida. That was the final time the championship was held in America until the upcoming event in November 2019.

The venue on Captiva Island, across from Fort Myers in Lee County, is an ideal setting for the championships.

During the regatta the long term forcast looks promising with air temperature lows of around 20°C and daily highs of 27°C with minimal associated rain. The water temperature on the sailing courses will be from 24 to 26°C.

On most days the wind will blow from a NE to NNE direction, but may swing further to the east over the last couple of days. The wind strength should be perfect for the Race Officer.

to raise the Blue Peter regularly throughout the regatta with conditions that are excellent for exciting racing.

At the time of writing there are competitors from twenty three countries already registered to compete in the 22nd Worlds. Teams have registered from the USA, Australia, Germany, France, Canada, Tanzania, Nigeria, Spain, Cuba, China, Brazil, Italy, Mexico, Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark, Japan, United Kingdom, Venezuela, South Africa, New Zealand and Argentina.

Sailors will be competing in a variety of divisions during the 16 days of competition. A large field of Masters are up first and are followed by the Youth and Grand Masters, and the Women and Great Grand Masters. In the Open Division there will be two days of racing where those who have not pre quailified have an opportunity to make the cut for the semi finals. Those who make it through will join the Pre-Qualified teams, that made it through country selection, in the semi-finals.

Those that make it through the semis will race for the world championship over the next two days. www.hobieworlds.com

22Nd Hobie 16 Worlds 2019


Nov 1   All Welcome
Nov 1 Registration 10am – 4 pm
Nov 1 Welcome Function and Opening Nov 2 – 4

International Cup Races
Nov 5 International Cup Finals
Nov 5 Masters Awards Function

Nov 5 Registration 10am – 4pm
Nov 6 Welcome Function
Nov 6 – 8 Races
Nov 8 Awards Function

Nov 8 Registration 10am – 4pm
Nov 9 -10 Qualifying Races

Nov 10 Pre Qual Semi Rego & Cut Party Nov 11 -14 World Champ Semi Final Races
Nov 14 Finals Cut Party

Nov 15-16 World Championship Final Races
Nov 16 Open Awards Function

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