2019 Outback motor mount, Compass and Passport 10.5 Bay Sand

2019 Hobie Outback motor mount, Hobie Compass and Passport 10.5 Bay Sand

This week has been another busy one for us. On top of the normal day we squeezed in 3 demo’s, all of which turned into immediate sales.

We have had a range of product go out this week from our New $369 kayak the YakFish Squid, a few of the new Z-Ray  10’6 Premium iSUP’s, 2 Hobie Heritage SUP’s, a Hobie Eclipse 12, the new 2021 Passport 10.5 in Bay Sand, Compass in O/Pap…. the list goes on but I am amazed at the mix. We are lucky to still have stock of most of the range of Hobie kayaks but there are a few holes !!

After moving a few of the new Bay Sand Passport’s the colour has grown on me and I have to admit I quite like it !!  Here is a 10.5 that went out today with our Passport Plus mods. The GT Kick-ups as standard are a great feature for the 2021 models which are only available from proper Hobie Stores at the moment !

Bay Sand Hobie Passport 10.5  Bay Sand Hobie Passport 10.5 Bay Sand Hobie Passport 10.5Bay Sand Hobie Passport 10.5 On Roof Of Car

We also fitted a custom motor mount to a 2020 Outback, NO holes drilled in the hull. Our customer wanted a Minn Kota over the side so he could still use his MD. We have done a few but this one is completely removable with no holes and there is no movement at all, a happy customer !

2019 Outback With Motor Mount 2019 Outback With Motor Mount 2019 Outback Motor Mount, Compass And Passport 10.5 Bay Sand 2019 Outback With Motor Mount

Jack demo’d a Passport and a Revolution 13 yesterday and ended up with this Compass which he is collectiing tomorrow, looks good to me !

2020 Hobie Compass 2020 Hobie Compass 2019 Outback Motor Mount, Compass And Passport 10.5 Bay Sand

We have also just traded in a 2017 Revolution 13 in Blue and a FULL package 2018 Tandem Island.

Call us for pricing, if not sold I will put up photos and more information next week !


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