Do the pedals really work?….You betcha they do!!! Anyone can propel a Hobie Mirage kayak. The adjustable seat and pedal arms cater for all sizes. Because our leg muscles are generally stronger than our upper body ones, most people find the Mirage drive easy to operate and as fast as paddling without the accompanying fatigue. An added bonus is the drier ride because there is no dripping paddle. Yes the fins protrude below the hull……BUT you can travel in shallow water by simply altering your leg action to flutter the fins against the bottom of the hull. Three fin sizes are now available to allow you to choose the load that most suits you. Original fins are like riding a bike in low gear. The new ST fin is in-between. ST Turbo fins increase the cruising speed with more effort. Simply slide the mirage drive into its well, lock it in place with its “Click and Go” system and you’re off on a Hobie adventure. If you like to go fast, pedaling or paddling, check out the Mirage Adventure and Mirage Revolution models. Sleek and streamlined, both of these speedsters take the rough stuff in their stride. If you prefer to spend your kayaking time fishing, then take a closer look at the Mirage Sport, its bigger brother the Outback or the Pro Angler 12 and 14. These craft have the storage features and extra stability to give you the confidence to take your valuable fishing equipment afloat. The Outfitter is a double version of the Outback. Super stable with plenty of deck storage and rod holders the Outfitter is a good choice when a smooth water, two-seater fishing kayak is called for. If you are after an all-rounder with high carrying capacity, and great rough water performance, then the Oasis is your best bet. An added bonus with all Hobie Mirage kayaks is the sailing option. By virtue of the rudder system and drive system acting as a centreboard, all Mirage kayaks can be fitted with the optional sail kit. The Adventure model even has provision for a pivoting daggerboard!


Simplicity defined, its time-tested MirageDrive pedal system with Glide Technology moves you easily through the water. Outfitted with a breathable mesh seat, the Compass offers maximum stability and an oversized cockpit and flat deck for standing. A sharp turning radius makes it nimble in tight quarters, yet able to speed over open water in stealthy fashion. Fishing features include molded-in rod holders, H-Track accessory mounts and a transducer cavity ready for you to install a Lowrance® fishfinder.


The versatile Mirage Sport plays to all audiences, an easy to store and transport 9’ long kayak. Looking for one kayak that can entertain most of the family? If so, meet the Hobie Mirage Sport, a do-it-all touring, fishing and sailing (with the optional Sail kit) kayak that’s as easy to use as it is to store and maintain. A lightweight, rotomolded polyethylene hull encourages fun on the water. The cheerful Sport is still plenty of kayak, accommodating users of most heights. It offers every one of Hobie’s signal features, including one-of-a-kind Mirage pedal propulsion, the incredibly adjustable Vantage CT seat, and like all Hobie kayaks rotomolded from durable polyethylene, dual rod holders. This small kayak has a big heart that equally loves pleasure cruising and teasing bass in the sticks. The New Mirage Sport comes standard with a built in transducer mount and pre-installed through hull cable plugs, a revised tri-hull design that improves stability and reduces resistance for a quieter, faster, more stable ride as well as all the features you know and love from the existing Mirage Sport range.


A do-everything sporting powerhouse, Hobie’s Mirage Outback is large enough to carry plenty of fishing tackle, camera gear or even a date night picnic, with exceptional hands-free maneuverability. Built around the comfortable Vantage CT seat, the Outback is so stable you might be tempted to stand when you cast. Studded with thoughtful features such as molded-in rod holders, generous below deck storage options, and the smooth Twist and Stow rudder, the versatile Outback is ready for your outdoor adventure. Whether it is work or play, the Outback boasts the functionality, stability and utility to get the job done. A wide hull provides form stability, allowing you to cast – or reel in the big one – without rocking the boat. The Outback features plenty of cargo and stowage space, and, thanks to its MirageDrive® system, your hands are free to tend to your photography, casting and being the big one in!

Mirage Outfitter

A kayak with one of Hobie’s easy and elegant MirageDrives is quick. Adding a second really pours on the speed.

Bring along a friend, your significant other, or a child—dual helm control means either of you can steer this wide, stable hull. Or go solo. The Outfitter is the more compact of Hobie’s pair of rotomolded polyethylene tandems, a little easier to store than its larger sibling. Room for two doesn’t mean sacrificing storage: utility trays, a trio of Twist and Seal hatches, and a large rear storage area provide plenty of room.

Mirage Revolution 11

Whether it’s a day of casting, paddling, pedalling or sailing, Hobie’s brand-new Revolution® 11 has you covered. Modelled after her bigger brother – the Revolution 13 – the “Revo 11″ features a slippery, yet stable hull form. Hobie’s innovative MirageDrive® system with Glide Technology, generous stowage and lashing configurations and an optional sailing kit, giving you the ability to slides easily through wind and wave. The Revo 11’s featherweight hull accelerates now and her nimble-minded design and impressive turning radius allows you to stalk fish and confidently negotiate shoals or currents. The Sport is ideal for small to mid-size users. Ideal for small-to- midsize kayakers, or bigger kayakers out for an unencumbered cruise, the Revolution 11 allows you to adroitly stalk fish and confidently explore reefs. With generous below deck stowage, smart rigging on top (what’s a kayak trip without a cold drink right at hand?), and optional sailing kit, the Revolution 11 is ready to roam.


  • Crew: 1
  • Length: 11′ 6″ / 3.51 m
  • Width: 29″ / .74 m
  • Capacity: 275 lbs / 125 kg
  • Fitted Hull Weight: 57 lbs / 25.85 kg
  • Fully Rigged Weight: 70.3 lbs / 31.89 kg
  • Hull Construction: Rotomolded Polyethylene

Mirage Revolution 13

The Revolution 13 is a smooth, stable kayak that feels like one—one oozing go-all-day creature comforts such as the Vantage CT seat.Where fun meets form and function. Whether you’re in need of a nimble kayak, a floating SUV, or an all-out dragster for casually racing your friends, the Revolution® is ready to play. Featuring a lightweight, low-drag hull shape, the Revolution is designed to accelerate quickly and maintain speed with minimal effort; above deck, it’s designed for maximum hauling capacity. Three enclosed stowage spots (bow, midships and stern) and a generous stern cargo area facilitate everything from a quiet evening paddle to a multi-day adventure.

It is catchy too, with dual rod holders and plentiful tackle storage. If you crave a change of pace from hands-free MirageDrive motivation and pick up the paddle, the “Revo 13” still makes tracks. If this is a floating SUV, it’s one that loves a twisty, challenging track. The lightweight, rotomolded hull sings when under optional Sail kit power.


  • Crew: 1
  • Length: 13′ 5″ / 4.09 m
  • Width: 28.5″ / .72 m
  • Capacity: 350 lbs / 159 kg
  • Fitted Hull Weight: 69.5 lbs / 31.52 kg
  • Fully Rigged Weight: 82.8 lbs / 37.56 kg
  • Hull Construction: Rotomolded Polyethylene

revolution  studio   olive shadowed

Mirage Revolution 16

Sleek. The Hobie Mirage Revolution 16 kayak boasts a long, lean hull that’s low on drag and big on speed, allowing you to glide along at a pace typically reserved for far more fragile kayaks.

The Revo 16’s rugged, rotomolded polyethylene hull stands ready to brave any beach. Consider the Revo 16’s range and speed—coupled with details such as ergonomic carrying handles and its comfortable, Vantage CT seat. The advantages of this fishing kayak are obvious. With a 16’ hull design for touring or kayak fishing at speed plus MirageDrive power, covering distance with ease is the Revo 16’s game.



  • Crew: 1
  • Length: 16′ / 4.88 m
  • Width: 27.5″ / .7 m
  • Capacity: 350 lbs / 159 kg
  • Fitted Hull Weight: 75.5 lbs / 34.25 kg
  • Fully Rigged Weight: 88.8 lbs / 40.28 kg
  • Hull Construction: Rotomolded Polyethylene
outback colour

revolution  studio   ivory dune shadowed

Mirage Oasis

Long, feature-filled, and designed to perform just right, the Oasis boasts quick acceleration and impressive cruising speeds, without sacrificing its capacity for hauling gear. Three enclosed stowage areas, a generous on-deck cargo area that’s ready for an optional Hobie Livewell—plus molded rod holders—provide maximum flexibility when it comes to choosing adventures big and small. Whether it’s a long weekend of float casting with friends or camping with the family, the Oasis gets the job done in style and comfort.

Long, narrow and lightweight. These design elements define the completely redesigned Oasis® and give this kayak surprising performance-minded qualities, such as quick acceleration and an impressive hull speed, without sacrificing utility or carrying capacity.


  • Crew: 1-2
  • Length: 14′ 6″ / 4.42 m
  • Width: 33″ / .84 m
  • Capacity: 550 lbs / 249 kg
  • Fitted Hull Weight: 89 lbs / 40.37 kg
  • Fully Rigged Weight: 114.6 lbs / 51.98 kg
  • Hull Construction: Rotomolded Polyethylene

oasis studio   caribbean blue shadowed